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See Journal of Forensic Identification.

Journal of Forensic Sciences.  Published by the American Academy of Forensic Sciences.

Jennings (People vs. Jennings, Illinois, 1910)
The first State Supreme Court case to uphold the admissibility 
of fingerprint evidence.  Dec. 21, 1911, The Illinois State Supreme 
Court upheld the admissibility of fingerprint evidence concluding 
that fingerprints are a reliable form of identification.

Jennings, Thomas
Thomas Jennings was the first person to be convicted of murder in the United States 
based on fingerprint evidence.  In 1911, Jennings appealed his conviction to the 
Illinois Supreme Court, questioning the admissibility of fingerprint evidence.  The
Illinois Supreme Court upheld his conviction concluding that fingerprint evidence 
is admissible and a reliable form of identification.  Thomas Jennings was sentenced 
to death and executed on Feb. 16, 1912 for the murder of Clarence B. Hiller.

Mary Holland, Michael P. Evans, William M. Evans, and Edward Foster were the 
four fingerprint experts that testified at Jennings original trial.

Jennings, William Nicholson (1860-1946)
William Jennings is credited with being the first person in the 
United States to record his own palm prints years apart to test their 
persistency.  After hearing a lecture at the Franklin Institute in 
Philadelphia in 1887 he recorded his prints.  In 1937 he again recorded 
his prints and saw they did not change.  Jennings did not publish 
either of the recordings until 1939.  An interesting side note is that 
this was Jennings only connection to the fingerprint industry.  Jennings 
was an internationally known photographer famous for being the first 
person to photograph lightning.
See General Electric Co.

The hinged area where two bones are joined together.

The hinged area that separates segments of the finger.
SWGFAST, Standard Terminology of Friction Ridge Examination 3-23-11 ver. 3.0

Jorgensen Classification System
A fingerprint classification system for single fingerprints used in the early 1900ís.

Journal of Forensic Identification
A peer review journal produced by the International Association of 
Identification and published from 1988 until the present.

Good justification behind a conclusion strengthens the integrity of the 
conclusion which in turn improves the weight of a conclusion.

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